Slash your IT Costs – New Cost Cutting Strategy

IT! Uttering this is enough to run a chill feeling down the spine of many large and small business owners and entrepreneurs. While managing an Information Technology department in any business is not easy; cutting down the Information Technology cost could pose to be a bigger challenge.

Maybe, you are running a very profitable business; still there could be some extra fat somewhere that can be trimmed down to make the business more efficient and profitable. Cutting cost is always welcome if that lifts up the profit without hurting the business.

Due to the economic recess all business organizations are eager to grab every opportunity for cost reduction. Although this is not easy, substantial reduction in IT costs is still possible by changing the way their IT department is managed.

Every company needs to maintain a database for analyzing the business trend and also to take complex business decision. Managing a database in-house, involves high cost. This can be avoided by hiring data base support services.

With many companies frantically wanting to cut down their IT costs, employing remote DBA services has become the modern business norm. Companies that hire our DBA services can save substantial amount on database management cost with regard to recruiting and retaining IT employees.

What our DBA services include:

At, we provide our clients unique remote DBA services that includes round the clock services for 24 hours a day and for all days in a year without any break. Moreover, we believe in proactive DBA management for nipping all issues in the bud so that the Oracle database of our customers delivers seamless services with superb performance.

Coming to us you will get unique

  • Deployment of strong disaster recovery policy.
  • Critical database maintenance.
  • Quick Issue resolution
  • Extracting optimal performance from existing hardware.
  • Support for all kinds of databases like RAC, UAT, data warehousing,etc

Our highly skilled remote DBA experts specialize in customization of database, tuning and optimization of performance, providing excellent backup and recovery and security audit at most competitive cost.

How we help you to cut down your IT cost:

Employing our remote DBA support means you do not have any employees and, therefore, you need not pay their salaries and other associated costs and also free from hopping birds who make frequent job changes. All these amount to a very high value and you are saving substantial amount on that.

Not all businesses have same database requirements. Keeping this in mind, we have flexible plans at These can be customized to suit the specific need of the customers. So you never need to pay more than what is required for your database management. You would get remote DBA experts assistance in minimum cost.

Our most experienced database management experts provide our clients the industry best services at affordable cost so that they can get the maximum benefit paying the minimum price. In fact, employing our services you get support from highly experience database administrators paying only a quarter of what the fresher DBA service charge. Besides all these direct cost savings, we also help our clients to save cost indirectly by saving time. Contact our sales department with your valuable queries.

Start our services to get peaceful sleep and tension less life!

We will take care of your all database issues