An overview of the impact of the H1 B visa bill reformed by Donald Trump

The H 1 b visa is a visa category that is used by the American government related to employment and for people who wish to be non-immigrants in the U.S. In such a case, the company that is employing must present the job to the suitable foreign candidate and apply for their H 1 B Visa petition with the Immigration department.

These are the most popular work visas. It was announced last year, by the U.S immigration and citizenship services that they have received a large number of petitions that were more than the mandated numbers. Thus this visa bill is very popular among people.

The changes made in the new H1 B visa bill reformed by Donald Trump 2017:

The new rules in the H1B visa are brought in by the congressmen Zoe Lofgren. According to him, the changes made in the policy will benefit American citizens in 2017. As per the new rules, the country will decrease import of foreign workers for their I.T businesses and concentrate more on their country's talent. Thus emphasizing on the fact that, the IT Companies operating in America, who earlier used to bring in employees from foreign nations for the work, need to recruit and prefer their fellow countrymen more now. Thus, this will give a chance to the American citizens to display their talents and skills to a large extent.

How were the previous rules being wrongly used by the companies?

There have been various instances in the past where the H1b visa bill was being miss-utilized by the American companies. Although it helped in the country's economy, it affected the native workers a lot. Many large enterprises have been accused of bringing foreign skilled workers through this bill to help in American outsourcing jobs.

There are also various instances where native employees were overshadowed by the foreign employees. There have been numerous reports published by newspapers that raise questions over the talent of the employees brought in by the companies. There also have been allegations against the U.S companies that they were utilizing foreign workers for transferring knowledge to their branches in India and then were lying off their American branches. Thus, the H1B visa bill was miss-utilized in various ways.

How will the Reformed H1B visa bill help the American economy?

A said by Congressman Zoe Lofgren the changes brought in the newly reformed visa bill, the country will be helped. The new rules say that American companies must not depend on foreign workers much but to utilize the present American employees in the proper way. In addition to this, they have the option of employing from people all over the world that will make the company's working team an effective one along with the native employees.

Thus, the new policy will help in creating jobs in the country rather than replacing them. Therefore, with new and better jobs, the country's economy will improve further. Native Americans will be able to pay taxes in a proper way and help towards improving the economy of their country. So, this new rule will assist the nation to a large extent.


This decision improves outsourcing market because so many companies might transfer their project outside of US. There are lots of software consultants impacting and they need to leave US. New projects will be badly affected. Due to increasing demand of outsourcing foreign company will get good revenue and it makes stronger their country’s economy.

Off course, US citizen or American will get good job too and job market will improve for them. If they are having good skills then they will get good pay instead of H1B visa holder. This thing could improve US job market and makes strong US economy. If company wants oracle experts or high professional oracle dba services then they should need to get from local market.

Every coin has two sides and just like this every decision have bad impact and good impact. We should need to monitor both effects.

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